From agritourism to scuba diving and snorkeling, Monte Cristi has a plethora of things to do and see.

Why visit Monte Cristi?

Monte Cristi has more than just beaches. It has a glorious history, abundant marine and wildlife, to go along with bountiful flora and fauna. Fall in love with a different side of the Dominican Republic.


Spend a morning birdwatching. Hike the Morro or go camping. Which ever you decide, take time to enjoy Monte Cristi outdoors

Aquatic Tours

Go fishing, kayaking, kitesurfing scuba diving, snorkeling or take a boat tour. These tours are the best way to enjoy Monte Cristi’s waters.

Cultural & Historical Tours

Monte Cristi has a rich culture and history which has been shaped by tainos, Columbus, pirates and revolutionaries. Come learn about its cultural traditions and its vibrant history.


Visit a banana, rice or even an aloe plantation to learn how each product is grown, processed and packaged. These tours are enlightening and exciting.

Monte Cristi Top Rated Hotels

$28 - $45

Hotel Santa Clara
9.7 stars

Hotel Santa Clara


Hotel Los Jardines
9.4 stars

Hotel los jardines


9.2 stars

Aparta-Hotel Cayo Arena


El Morro Eco Hotel
8.2 stars

El Morro Eco Adventure Hotel