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Why visit Monte Cristi?

To know Montecristi, is more than visiting a new and different place, our city is full of curiosities, places and history that you will not find in any other area of the country.

Montecristi inspires you. It is a destination with unique characteristics and nature in the Dominican Republic.

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Spend a morning birdwatching. Hike the Morro or go camping. Which ever you decide, take time to enjoy Monte Cristi outdoors

Aquatic Tours

Go fishing, kayaking, kitesurfing scuba diving, snorkeling or take a boat tour. These tours are the best way to enjoy Monte Cristi’s waters.

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Cultural & Historical Tours

Monte Cristi has a rich culture and history which has been shaped by tainos, Columbus, pirates and revolutionaries. Come learn about its cultural traditions and its vibrant history.


Visit a banana, rice or even an aloe plantation to learn how each product is grown, processed and packaged. These tours are enlightening and exciting.

Monte Cristi Top Rated Hotels

$28 - $45

Hotel Santa Clara
9.7 stars

Hotel Santa Clara


Hotel Los Jardines
9.4 stars

Hotel los jardines


9.2 stars

Aparta-Hotel Cayo Arena


El Morro Eco Hotel
8.2 stars

El Morro Eco Adventure Hotel

Are you really thinking about it that hard?

Don’t keep thinking so much about whether or not you deserve to live that new experience you want so much, if you consider that you give a lot of yourself in work, studies, family, it’s time to take a tropical break and experience a unique and different moment here in Montecristi.

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