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Our Monte Cristi tours are unique and offer you a variety of activities throughout the province. Choose from our broad list of agricultural, aquatic, cultural, ecological tours below.

Birdwatching Laguna Saladillo

Birdwatching Laguna Saladilla

Laguna Saladilla is a breeding, feeding and resting area for over 30 different endemic and migratory waterfowl species.

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Birdwatching Cayos Siete Hermanos - Brown Noddy

Birdwatching Cayos Siete Hermanos

The Cayos Siete Hermanos are ideal for sighting migratory seabirds and endemic bird species.

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Dine with us

Enjoy a home-cooked traditional Dominican meal in the home of a local family.

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Monte Cristi Historical Center - Casa Isidor Silva

Monte Cristi Historical Center

Walk back in time and be introuduced to Monte Cristi’s rich history from Columbus to the Republican Period. Learn about some of city's important residents and its contributions to Dominican and Cuban history.

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Monte Cristi Museum Tour - Museo de Monte Cristi

Monte Cristi Museums

Take a journey through Monte Cristi history from its beginnings to the Republican period to learn about this once prominent Dominican city.

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Banana Plantation

Learn how bananas go from the tree to the table and about the important role this tropical fruit has played in Monte Cristi’s history.

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Hand weeding Rice Monte Cristi - Tour Monte Cristi - Agrofrontera

Rice Plantation

Rice is a daily lunch time Dominican staple. Visit a rice farm to learn about rice and how it is planted, harvested and processed.

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Isla Cabra Old and New Lighthouses

Isla Cabra

Isla Cabra is a perfect day trip destination. Come swim, snorkel, sunbathe, explore, picnic, and more.

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Monte Cristi Mangrove Forest and Natural Pools​ - El Morro from the mangrove forest

Monte Cristi Mangrove Forest, Natural Pools and Isla Cabra

Monte Cristi Mangrove Forest, Natural Pools and Isla Cabra tour is an introduction to the Monte Cristi National Park​. Visit the mangrove forest, the natural pools, the Morro and Isla Cabra.

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Cayos-Siete-Hermanos - Tour Monte Cristi

Cayos Siete Hermanos

Cayos Siete Hermanos are great for birdwatching, sonorkeling and scuba diving. They have excellent quality beaches, coral reefs and shipwrecks.

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Tour Monte Cristi - Discover Scuba Diving

Discover Scuba Diving

Learn scuba diving and discover the underwater universe in Monte Cristi bay.

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Monte Cristi Scuba Diving 7

Monte Cristi Scuba Diving

Take a two-dive scuba diving tour in the best place to dive in the Dominican Republic

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Mangrove Kayaking - Tour Monte Cristi

Mangrove Kayaking

Mangrove kayaking is a family fun way to learn about Monte Cristi's mangrove forest ecosystem.

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Tour Monte Cristi

Yaque River Kayaking

Leisurely tour the Yaque river with the whole family. Observe many birds and relish the tranquil environment.

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Artisanal Fishing - 15 lb Mackerel

Artisanal Fishing

Fish like a local fishermen. Troll Monte Cristi bay and catch a variety of fish including barracuda, jacks, and mackerel.

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Tour Monte Cristi

Artisanal Reef Fishing

Fish Monte Cristi's many reefs for Needlefish, Yellowtail Snapper, Grouper and more.

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Balsa Fishing

Slow down and catch fast moving pelagic fish like mahi mahi, tuna and wahoo with an anchored bamboo or palm raft.

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Tour Monte Cristi - Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing

Spend a day catching fast swimmers and fierce fighters like mahi mahi, marlin, tuna and wahoo.

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Red Snapper Fishing

Fish Monte Cristi's year long snapper season and catch one of the world most popular and best fasting game fish

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Tour Monte Cristi

Reef Fishing

Reef fish with your entire family or friends. Its easy and requires no experience. Join us. You'll catch a wide variety of reef fish.

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Youth Fishing - Tour Monte Cristi

Youth Fishing

Teach children about the marine ecosystem, give them life long memories and a love of fishing.

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