Banana Plantation

Go on a banana tour to learn about how this famous yellow fruit is planted, grown and processed for export.

$150/1 - 6 people
2+ Hours Max 12 people per guide

Bananas have played an important part in Monte Cristi’s history since the 1930’s. The Grenada Company, a division of United Fruit, were the first to successful grow bananas profitably in the province.

“The Dominican Republic is the largest producer of organic bananas worldwide, representing more than 55% of the world’s organic banana production.” (FAO)

Visitors to Monte Cristi can learn how bananas go from the tree to the table. The tours begin in the banana fields, where you can see workers planting new tree. Then the tour takes you to fields where you can see bagged fruit growing on trees. The tour ends at the packing facility, where the harvested bananas are washed, packed and shipped worldwide.



  • Round-trip transportation


What to bring

  • Hat/Umbrella
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen



$150 for 1 – 6 people
Contact us for discounts for large groups and students.

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