Mangroves, Natural Pools, El Morro, Cabra Island

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Natural Pools

The natural pools are calm areas in the mangroves where there is very little current. Here the sand resembles large grains of oats. People say that this sand is great for facials and for exfoliating the body. Everyone who comes here says they have never seen sand like this anywhere else. Here you can play in the water and relax on the boat before continuing on your tour.


Around Monte Cristi you can find 6 different types of mangrove trees, they are the only tropical trees that can withstand the arid Monte Cristi climate. In the mangroves there is a stop with a platform where you can bring food for a picnic. With about 20 kilometers of mangroves you will have many opportunities to see different species of birds and crab.

El Morro

After visiting the natural pools you can continue on to El Morro and El “Zapatico” (a rock formation that resembles a giant shoe). There is a tree called Salvia Montecriteña on El Morro. This tree was discovered in 1945 and is the only one of its kind in the world. The beaches of El Morro are extraordinary with beautiful red sand and smooth stones that wash ashore.

Cabra Island

An island with plenty of shade to block the strong sun. This is a perfect place to explore, picnic, and camp. On the island there are salt flats and a fallen lighthouse that hasn’t been used since the dictator Trujillo was in power. You can find many beautiful shells, even entire conch shells, and lots of coral.